About the Author

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

This is not a formal CV, if you would like to see one please contact me.

Work and study

Since September 2003, I have worked full time as a Software Engineer at a Manchester based company, Transitive.

Before that, I completed an MSc in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Manchester, in which I was awarded a Distinction. I carried out a research project as part of this degree, in conjunction with my current employers, Transitive.

In June 2002, I graduated from the same department with a 1st Class Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Industrial Experience. My year's industrial experience was spent with IBM, working in the Service Management department at one of IBM's major customer sites.

During the past two years I have also been employed by my University, in two roles. I currently work as a part time demonstrator, which involves teaching undergraduate students in the computer labs. The previous summer I worked for the Advanced Interfaces Group preparing lab exercises for several new courses.

Technical interests

I enjoy programming in Java and I'm currently working on an open source email client called Platemail. I've also developed websites using J2EE technologies such as JSPs, servlets and EJBs. When I have time I contribute to the comp.lang.java.* newsgroups. You can view all of my posts here.

In addition to Java, I'm also skilled in C and C++. I have some experience of Perl (and PHP), Python, Pascal and SML, and some assembly (mainly MIPS, x86 and x86-64). I also know SQL, HTML, Javascript and XML.

As well as this site, I've also set up a very small and simple website for a swimming club I used to be part of, Grove A.S.C., in Edinburgh, Scotland.